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Studio Albums


In 2014 Tony Pax released a collection of original ambient recordings and soundtrack scores as an album titled Unearthed. The album was released as a limited-edition electronic press kit; a USB business card containing digital audio files. These files have now been made available for download below.

"Unearthed" Album Cover“Unearthed” (2014)

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Tony’s more approachable and well-known work was with the successful rock & pop group, Moonspank. In the late 2000’s the band had a regular monthly gig at New York City’s oldest and infamous rock club, The Bitter End. Over the course of the band’s career they released two self-recorded and produced LPs and one EP, as well as many bootleg recordings and videos (some of which were directed and edited by Tony).

"You Thought The World Was Over" Album Cover“You Thought The World Was Over” (2009)

"Moonspank EP" Album Cover“Moonspank E.P.” (2006)

"Just Another Day" Album Cover“Just Another Day” (2002)


Tony Pax worked with Kokolo, an Afrobeat band from the of New York City’s Lower East Side. The band’s originator, songwriter, and producer recently shared the following post on Facebook:

“…10 years ago, the band was late in sending the final “Heavy Hustling” album to the label because we were in need of a guitarist. I remember being introduced to Tony at that time and being amazed at how he learned the entire album in one sitting (given that his background wasn’t rooted in funk or world music). Tony also rose to the occasion in the studio as he was able to record the album in one shot and thus get us out a hole with the label…” –Ray Lugo

Heavy Hustling album cover“Heavy Hustling” (2009)


Live Selections

Tony Pax performed live with numerous groups including Moonspank, the Ricky Blues Band, and the Surrogate Band (Pink Floyd tribute). Many recordings were documented over the years, and we will present selections from this catalog below. Please check back periodically as more selections may be made available soon.

Live shows are available in their entirety when possible. Click on the icon on the right to download the files. When multiple formats are available, double-click to open the folder of your desired format (MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC). Use the “Download Folder” link to download a ZIP file of the currently displayed directory.

Distribution of live recordings is freely permitted and encouraged. Enjoy!

Ricky Blues Band 10/14/2017 Fulgum’s Bar & Grill – Montrose, NY
*This recording features Tony’s very last live performance
Surrogate Band 10/30/2010 Finnegan’s Grill – Thornwood, NY
*Featuring “Dark Side Of The Moon” in its entirety
Moonspank 2/27/2010 The Bitter End – New York, NY
Moonspank 8/20/2005 Rambling House – Woodlawn, NY