Tony Pax

More About Tony Pax

Tony Pax was a man of many talents and had diverse interests that he was passionate about. This page was created to share some of those interests and will be updated regularly. If you were a relative, friend, or acquaintance of Tony Pax and have ideas to add to the “more about” page, please contact us with the information.

The Animal Farm Radio Show


The Animal Farm logoHosted by Tony Pax, The Animal Farm Radio Show served as an alternative to American mainstream news media and covered topics such as government corruption, the dissipation of the Constitution, civil rights issues, and more.

Archives of the show live on in podcast form and are available from the iTunes store. Some ‘best of’ bits from the show were edited in video form and are available on The Animal Farm Radio Show’s YouTube channel.

Ambient Music

In 2014 Tony Pax released a collection of original ambient recordings and film scores as an album, titled Unearthed. The limited first pressing was an EPK (Electronic Press Kit); a USB business card containing digital audio files in lossy and lossless formats. These files are now available for download on the Music page.

Drone Zone logo Plans to released the album in CD format were never realized. One suggested venue for promoting the eventual album release was via SomaFM, an internet-only streaming radio network. Once put onto its existence, Tony became an avid fan, listener, and supporter of SomaFM’s “Drone Zone” channel.

“SomaFM has become an entire way of life,” is how Tony described what the network and ambient station meant to him.